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Rakesh Arya is the founder and CEO of Rapid Entertainment & Education World (Renew). Here we work on converting thoughts into results with a concept of hand holding of people for working on Awareness, Implementation & Results. We talk about renewing energies, thoughts, habits which take us to path of celebration. We have programs for entrepreneurs, their teams, corporate, kids and couples.

Renew is a mission, which is beyond new !!!

Dear Mr. Sunil Sharma,

I have seen very rare people in my life who understand their business, specially, the needs of clients and USP of product/service matching to those needs and you are one of them. Through my entire experience working with you at Kickstart Placements you very well check with us what we are looking for, match with candidate profile to the maximum minute details like commuting, distance, education , experience and expectations so that both can enjoy the work.

You fairly tell in the very beginning, when we give the requirement to you about time you need to find the right candidate which helps us in not getting impatient.

I wish you all the best to maintain your values and system.

With FLAG,
(Faith, Love and Gratitude)
Rakesh Arya
Rapid Entertainment & Education World

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